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Laryngotracheal Stenosis

What is Laryngotracheal Stenosis (LS)?
Laryngotracheal stenosis (LS), a narrowing of the larynx and/or trachea, is a condition that can occur in infants and children for several reasons. Acquired LS develops as a result of trauma to the larynx and trachea, usually from endotracheal intubation, whilecongenital LS is a narrowing present at birth. Neck trauma, inhalation burns, and prolonged intubation can also lead to LS.


  • Stridor (noisy breathing)
  • Feeding problems
  • Croup, a loud cough that sounds like barking
  • Recurrent or severe croup


  • Physical exam
  • Imaging tests of the larynx and trachea including neck X-Rays, fluoroscopy, and CT scans
  • Airway endoscopy in the office and in the operating room

This condition may require surgical correction if severe. 

When to Call for Help 
If your child develops any of the above symptoms, call your pediatrician.

At Hopkins Children’s, laryngotracheal stenosis is treated by the Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology.

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