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Internet Learning Curriculum

Harriet Lane Continuity Clinic

The Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center has developed an internet curriculum for primary care pediatrics that is available by subscription. This curriculum allows residents to study primary care topics in an easily accessible, interactive and learner-centered format. Residency programs can document and track learning while offering evidence-based, thorough and timely education in the flexible format required for today’s residency training environment.

The curriculum covers essential topics in outpatient pediatric primary care. For each topic, it includes a pre-test, post-test and case-based didactic sections in an interactive format. Pre and post test responses are tracked to provide evidence of successful learning. Case-based didactic sections include cases and questions with thorough discussions of critical topics. The curriculum is designed to allow individual learners to track and document their own progress and to allow program directors to track the group's progress and identify areas for teaching focus.

The website allows individual programs to track group scores over time and by year of training. Group scores on individual questions can be used to identify areas of particular strength or weakness. The program is flexible enough so that other variables may be used as a basis for comparison. Each program can also compare its scores and utilization to average scores from other training programs.

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Learning Community

The program intends to foster communication within and between residency programs. Discussion forums are hosted for all modules. Training program directors will be able to post announcements visible only to their own trainees. A General Announcement section will provide updates and comments important to all participants.

Each module centers around a set of clinical cases illustrating the relevant didactic issues. When the user answers a question, a message screen will pop up with a brief clinical point explaining why the answer is correct or incorrect. The user may then access the clinical summary which includes a review of the current issues and relevant evidence that impact diagnosis and management. The website offers links from the summaries to important abstracts and articles, clinical images, tables and other resources to reinforce clinical reasoning.


25 modules are available each year. Modules are revised and new modules added annually. Among them:


AnemiaMental Health
School ReadinessObesity
ImmunizationInjury Prevention
AllergiesAdolescent Health
RSV and InfluenzaAsthma
Otitis MediaBreastfeeding
EnuresisHearing Vision
Oral HealthLead Exposure

How to Participate

We offer this program for $2,000 per year for programs with more than 30 residents, and $1,500 per year for smaller programs. The fee includes registration of all house officers and three faculty or administrative personnel.

If you are interested or would like to tour the website, contact Margaret Moon M.D., M.P.H.