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Johns Hopkins Makes Radiology Suite More Child-Friendly

January 28, 2013

The MRI in pediatric radiology looks "wildly" different, and friendly now.


This fluoroscopy machine beckons with sea life.

A new child-friendly Pediatric Radiology suite at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center has just gotten friendlier. Its fluoroscopy machine is now adorned with fish and other sea creatures and its MRI with "jungle animals."

The large customized decals, applied by EquipArt last month, are designed to help put young patients at ease in the very high-tech environment on the fourth floor of the Bloomberg Children’s Center building, which opened at Johns Hopkins Hospital last year.

“We’ve created some nice conversation pieces for kids,” says Elyce M. Wolfgang, the pediatric technical manager in the Department of Radiology at Johns Hopkins who has overseen the suite’s new look. “Now, there’s so much to see. We can engage and reassure them a bit, tell them that the friendly elephant is going to watch them while they lie very still on the table.”

An overarching goal in making the radiology suite a friendly, more calming environment is to help reduce the need for general anesthesia.

Pediatric Radiology’s CT scanner, nuclear medicine scanner and ultrasound rooms are up next for new décor. Among the group, there are discussions of a possible turtle-theme, or maybe pandas.