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Designing Seamless Pediatric Trauma Care

July 20, 2012
Ped Trauma Team dtl

The pediatric trauma/burn team, from left to right, trauma surgeon Dylan Stewart, coordinator Katie Manger, manager Susan Ziegfeld, nurse practitioner Daniela Coelho, and social worker Mindi Lutwin.

In the old Children’s Center, pediatric trauma staff took care of children in trauma bays designed for adults. Also, MR imaging was located a floor below. But the new Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center features two dedicated state-of-the-art pediatric trauma bays and four adult trauma bays adaptable for children, with imaging modalities accessible on the same ground floor level.

“No longer do we have to put children on elevators to get imaging scans,” says Pediatric Trauma/Burn Program Coordinator Katie Manger. “We have 24/7 MRI and quicker access to care.”

The new pediatric trauma bays also feature futuristic overhead booms that facilitate easy and quick access to trauma equipment. Also, with OR-like scrub rooms off the trauma bays, trauma surgeons can quickly perform emergency operations without transporting the patient to an OR.

“We never have to leave the patient’s side,” says Pediatric Trauma/Burn Program Manager Susan Ziegfeld. 

Noting that the unit is the state-designated pediatric trauma/burn unit, Ziegfeld adds, “For trauma or burn, patients should be referred here. There’s not a time we would say, ‘No, we won’t take him.’”

Features in the new burn inpatient unit, Ziegfeld and Manger add, include all-private rooms—important in minimizing infection risks—and two large dressing rooms with the latest equipment to minimize the pain associated with dressing changes. 

For more information, call 888-kid-burn.

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