Strengthening the Partnership Between Patients, Families and their Health-Care Providers

Studies have shown that hospitals that include families in their care teams achieve better outcomes for their patients – and when parents feel informed and empowered, they feel more confident and better prepared to care for their child during and after the hospital stay. Also, respecting the experience and knowledge families bring to the healthcare encounter is simply the right way to go.

That’s why Hopkins Children’s has long partnered with parents in taking care of their children and creating a family-friendly children’s hospital, which has resulted in a string of earlier successes

Here we share with you the core concepts of our new Patient- and Family-Centered Care initiative, our goals and achievements thus far, stories about our patient families and news related to the initiative, the family and Hopkins Children's staff members who make up our steering committee and subcommitteesresources for learning more about patient- and family-centered care today, and contact information for families and professional staff interested in participating in the initiative.

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