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Media Resources

Office of Media Relations
901 South Bond Street, Suite 550
Baltimore, Md. 21231
Phone: 410-955-6681
Fax: 410-955-4452

Media Staff 

Staffed with former journalists, the Media Relations team at Hopkins Children’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs is available to respond to inquiries from local, national and international journalists. The Media Relations team will assist with providing condition updates in accordance with federal HIPAA guidelines, scheduling expert interviews, sharing photos or digital images, or offering additional information about a news release or special event.

Journalists should honor the following guidelines when pursuing an interview by phone or with any recording device (camera, video camera, audio equipment):

  • All interviews must be scheduled in advance in coordination with the Media Relations team
  • All journalists who wish to conduct interviews on hospital grounds, with recording equipment (camera, video camera, audio equipment), must be accompanied by a member of the Media Relations team
  • Journalists are asked to refer to the institution by its complete name, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, in broadcast or print stories. Hopkins Children’s is acceptable on second reference or where space is limited
  • Staff should be identified by their Hopkins Children’s title in stories related to their work with the hospital