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Nocturnal Seizures

What are Nocturnal Seizures? 

Nocturnal or sleep-related seizures, a form of epilepsy, can cause abnormal movement or behavior during sleep.


Nocturnal seizures may range from awakening for no clear reason – sometimes multiple times a night – to shouting, screaming and violent movements of the arms and legs. Patients may also thrash around or act confused.


If you suspect that your child may have nocturnal seizures, see a physician, neurologist, or sleep specialist. An overnight sleep study with video monitoring may be recommended.


Nocturnal seizures often can be controlled with anticonvulsant medication.

Treatment of Nocturnal Seizures at Hopkins Children’s

Nocturnal Seizures are diagnosed and treated by physicians and clinical staff at the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Sleep Center. For an evaluation at the sleep clinic at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, or for a sleep study at the sleep laboratory at the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, please call 410-955-2035.