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December 29, 2010
Protein Involved in Cystic Fibrosis Also Plays Role in Emphysema, Chronic Lung Disease

December 27, 2010
Children in Areas with Few Pediatricians at Higher Risk for Serious Appendix Ruptures

December 10, 2010
Children with Lupus Have More Lethal Form of Kidney Disease

December 06, 2010
Official Food Allergy Treatment Guidelines Released

November 22, 2010
Celebrity Signatures Sell to Top Bidders

November 19, 2010
Hopkins Children's Physician Inducted into the College of Medical Informatics

November 19, 2010
Protein Found to Predict Brain Injury in Children on ECMO Life Support

November 18, 2010
High-Fat Ketogenic Diet Misunderstood, Underused

November 15, 2010
Surgical Instruments Left in Children Rarely Fatal, But Dangerous

November 10, 2010
Antiviral Cocktail Better than Single Drug for Kids with Hepatitis C

November 05, 2010
Don't Pass the Peanuts to Moms-in-Waiting: Eating Them During Pregnancy Can Raise Allergy Risk in Some Babies

November 03, 2010
Celebrate Miracle Tie Day in Maryland

November 01, 2010
One in Two Depressed Teens Prone to Recurrence after Recovery

October 25, 2010
Knowledge Gaps, Fears Common Among Parents of Children with Drug-Resistant Bacteria

October 25, 2010
Plugged Up: Doctors See Signs of Worsening Constipation in Children

October 19, 2010
Hopkins Children's to Study Body Cooling in Children after Cardiac Arrest

October 18, 2010
High Blood Pressure May Take Greater Toll on Youngest Black Children's Hearts

October 15, 2010
Nearly 3 of 100 Americans Have a Food Allergy

October 06, 2010
Wanted: Minority Scientists to Study Reproductive Health

September 27, 2010
Daycare Puts Childrens with Lung Disease at Risk for Serious Illness

September 27, 2010
Doctors Urged to Minimize CT Scans in Children

September 24, 2010
Flu Vaccines Safe for Most Allergic Children

September 16, 2010
Start of School Can Worsen Bedwetting in Children

September 08, 2010
New Sickle Cell Screening Program for College Athletes Comes with Serious Pitfalls, Experts Say

September 07, 2010
Experts Issue Recommendations for Building a Healthier Baltimore

September 07, 2010
Johns Hopkins Researchers Unravel Clues to Infertility Among Obese Woman

September 01, 2010
A Parents' Guide to the Flu - 2010

August 24, 2010
Douglas Baker, M.D., To Serve As New Emergency Department Chief

August 05, 2010
Marfan, A ''Look-Alike'' Disorder, or Neither?

July 26, 2010
High-Fat Diets Effectively Treat Absence Epilepsy

July 23, 2010
H1N1 Flu Especially Hard on Children with Sickle Cell Disease

July 20, 2010
Florida's All Children's Hospital to Integrate with Johns Hopkins Medicine

July 12, 2010
Pediatric Clinical Studies Appear Prone to Bias, Hopkins Review Shows

June 28, 2010
Depression, Lack of Social Support Trigger Suicidal Thoughts in College Students

June 14, 2010
Brain MRI in Children: 'Incidental' Findings Yield Disclosure Dilemmas for Doctors, Patients

June 03, 2010
U.S. News & World Report Ranks Hopkins Children’s among Top Ten in Several Pediatric Specialties

May 17, 2010
High-Fat Ketogenic Diet Effectively Treats Persistent Childhood Seizures

May 17, 2010
Hopkins Children's Physician Joins National Quality Forum's Medical Informatics Squad

May 04, 2010
Mock Drills during H1N1 Outbreak Expose Gaps in Infection Protection among Hospital Staff

May 03, 2010
Despite Tests, High Blood Pressure Hard to Recognize in Children

May 02, 2010
Parents Favor E-mail Access to Their Pediatricians

May 02, 2010
Photos May Help Mothers with End-Of-Life Decisions for High-Risk Premature Babies

May 01, 2010
Pediatric Residents Say They Are Unprepared for Emotional Turmoil That Comes with Critically Ill Children

April 27, 2010
Anemia Tougher to Tackle in Black Children with Kidney Disease

April 21, 2010
Children Who Lose a Parent to Suicide More Likely to Die the Same Way

April 20, 2010
For Children With Hearing Loss: The Earlier the Better for Cochlear Implants

April 12, 2010
Early Surgery Better In Preemies with Blinding Eye Disease

April 12, 2010
Hopkins Children’s Physician to Lead New Informatics Branch at American Academy Of Pediatrics

April 09, 2010
STI, HIV Counseling Inadequate in Male Teens

March 25, 2010
Beloved Hopkins Pediatrician and Educator Henry Seidel, M. D., 87, Dies

March 25, 2010
Community-Acquired MRSA Becoming More Common in Pediatric ICU Patients

March 25, 2010
Soy Allergy in Children More Persistent Than Once Thought

March 22, 2010
A Dangerously Tasty Treat: The Hot Dog is a Choking Hazard

March 16, 2010
“Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” Honored in Hollywood

March 15, 2010
In the Fight Against Life-Threatening Catheter Infections, Length of Use is Key

March 01, 2010
More Than $800,000 Raised from 21st Radiothon with MIX 106.5

February 28, 2010
News Tips from the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Academy Of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

February 24, 2010
Caring For Kids: A Special Broadcast on WMAR ABC2

February 19, 2010
Eminent Pediatrician and Geneticist Barton Childs Dies at Age 93

February 16, 2010
21st MIX 106.5 Radiothon to Launch “Caring for Kids” Campaign

February 16, 2010
High-Fat Ketogenic Diet to Control Seizures Is Safe Over Long Term

February 12, 2010
A Patient's Tribute to Diana Pillas

February 11, 2010
A Parent's Tribute to Diana Pillas

February 08, 2010
Pediatric Epilepsy Center Coordinator Diana Pillas Loses Breast Cancer Battle

February 03, 2010
“Brain Bank” To Foster Research, Treatment of Major Psychiatric Diseases

February 01, 2010
Children of Spanish-Speaking Moms Watch Less TV

January 27, 2010
Even Mild Kidney Disease Harms a Child’s Quality Of Life

January 25, 2010
“Poop” Dermatitis Linked To Fashionable Toilet Seats, Harsh Chemicals

January 25, 2010
Children with Suspected Development Problems May Not Get Needed Referrals, Study Shows

January 22, 2010
Hopkins Children’s Residents Return from Medical Mission in Haiti

January 20, 2010
Simple Steps Prevent Life-Threatening Bloodstream Infections in Children

January 15, 2010
Breast Cancer Screening: Johns Hopkins Physician-Survivor Takes On New Guidelines

January 11, 2010
Small Amounts of Lead May Damage Children’s Kidneys

January 05, 2010
Critical Illness In Children with H1N1 Unpredictable But Survivable