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Research is at the heart of Hopkins Children’s three-pronged mission: caring for sick children, researching the causes of and cures for childhood illness, and training the pediatricians of tomorrow. Hopkins Children’s leadership in pediatric medicine research is unmatched and results in the exemplary care we provide our young patients. We attract the best and brightest to train with us, and they in turn take their knowledge out into the world and its children.

Birthplace of Modern Pediatrics

Our discoveries constantly advance pediatric medicine. In 1944, the first “blue baby” operation to correct a congenital heart problem was performed here. It was here that Leo Kanner conducted groundbreaking research with autistic children and John Howland pioneered discoveries, such as fluid replacement for diarrhea and Vitamin D’s role in bone loss. We also discovered that hydroxyurea can treat the devastating pain that accompanies a sickle cell crisis.

Today’s Discoveries, Tomorrow’s Cures

We continue to advance the field as we research what is causing today’s childhood illnesses and emerging health issues for children. For example, the modern epidemic of obesity is leading to a host of adult problems for our children, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, so we’re working to prevent obesity. Food allergies are also on the rise and we are working to find out why. Hopkins Children’s specialists are unique because they not only care for patients, but train tomorrow’s pediatricians and conduct research.

Future of Pediatric Medicine

We will continue our quest for answers when we move into our new home in 2011. Our new home represents the future of pediatric medical research, patient care, and training.