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Patient Voices: When I'm Big, I Want to be a Doctor

February 4, 2011

Summer Fields large By Summer Fields, 4, Baltimore, Md.

I like to play with my jack in-the-box and to dress up in pretty clothes and play princess. I also like firefighters and Barney. I have twin baby dolls.My mommy bought me one that laughs and cries; she needs her pacifier, but I can’t find it. 

When I am in the hospital, I like playing with the dolls in the playroom. They have clothes for them and lots of other things. 

I come here when I have headaches. When I was a baby, my head hurt then, too. My doctor is Dr. [Benjamin] Carson. He likes making people feel better. I forget what he does to make me feel better, but he looks in my eyes and ears and listens to my heart to make sure I am OK. And he shines a flashlight in my eyes. Mommy’s going to get me a flashlight. You can see in the dark with them. 

In the hospital, they take pictures of my head and of my shunt. I stay very still and they take a CAT (scan) of my head. Then I get stickers. I go into the operating room, but I come out again. My nurses are nice to me. They bring me apple juice and help me feel better. I don’t like taking medicine. I do like going to the gift shop. 

When I am big I want to be a doctor. I could make children feel better. I could get my Elmo doctor bag and show them what will happen to them in the hospital. I would let them listen to my heart, too. I’d be very nice to them.  

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