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Janet Serwint, M.D.

Serwint 145x185

Vice Chair of Pediatric Education
Director of the Pediatric Residency Program




General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine


Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center
1800 Orleans St., Suite 8464
Baltimore, MD 21287


Medical School:

  • Northwestern University Medical School
  • Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (PL1-2)
  • Riley Children’s Hospital (PL-)


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital

Special Interests:

Health care issues of underserved populations,
Health care disparities,
Resident education and end of life issues


Dr. Serwint's research interests include healthcare issues of underserved populations, resident education, and end of life issues.  Healthcare issue interests in which she has been involved are the study of access to care, continuity of care, oral health, injury prevention, immunizations, screening such as anemia, tuberculosis, lead toxicity and breastfeeding services.  Resident education issues include giving effective feedback, studying the impact of the continuity experience and quality of care that patients receive within the continuity setting, and implementation and evaluation of structured clinical observations. End of life issues include resident education about sharing bad news, spirituality, negotiation with parents, health care provider self-care and defining the importance of hope. Dr. Serwint is the Network Director of CORNET, the Continuity Research Network of the Ambulatory Pediatric Association.  This is a practice based research network of national continuity practices whose research goals are the study of: 1) healthcare issues of underserved children, 2) healthcare disparities 3a) comparison of resident behavior to those of pediatricians in practice, 3b) resident education, and 3c) involving residents in research.

Phone: 410-955-2727

Fax: 410-955-9580

Email: jserwint@jhmi.edu