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 Johns Hopkins Children’s Center brings the multi-disciplinary, research-based might and expertise of Johns Hopkins to bear in treating every child. We deliver cutting-edge medicine with compassion and a century’s worth of experience in caring for frantic and grieving families. But we need your help: to find cures, improve our facilities, train the next generation of pediatricians and scientists, and comfort our children and their parents.

Why Invest in Us

Why invest in us? We deliver. Philanthropy is the cornerstone of our success. Investments of time and capital at Johns Hopkins have fostered stunning advancements in care, enabling children to survive illness, against which there was no defense only five or 10 years ago. With your help, we provide hope where there was none, and restore futures and childhoods.


Many aspects of a child’s good health today can be traced to the efforts of earlier pioneers in pediatric medicine at Johns Hopkins. Among them:

Dedicated to their patients, our clinicians are developing new and better treatments for everything from genetic diseases to devastating injuries. Philanthropy makes discovery possible, as our grateful clinician/researchers can tell you.

A History of Results

Since our founding in 1912, as the nation’s first children’s hospital affiliated with an academic research institution, we’ve been changing the way pediatric medicine is practiced. Along the way we’ve preserved the lives and future generations of tens of thousands of individuals around the world, with the medicine we develop here and share with the world.