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Neurology News

January 26, 2016
Microcephaly in Children

June 18, 2015
Scientists Identify Amino Acid That Stops Seizures in Mice

May 13, 2015
Kids Have Strokes, Too

May 05, 2015
Strokes: Not Just for Older Adults

November 04, 2014
An Artful Diagnosis of Headache in Young Children

September 15, 2014
Delay in Age of Walking Can Herald Muscular Dystrophy in Boys with Cognitive Delays

January 30, 2014
Johns Hopkins Animal Study Reveals Sex-Specific Patterns of Recovery From Newborn Brain Injury

November 13, 2013
Striking Strokes in Moyamoya Patients

November 01, 2013
For Epilepsy Awareness Month, Know the Basics of Childhood Seizures

June 13, 2013
A Ketogenic Collaboration

May 16, 2013
A New Headache Center

December 06, 2012
Study: Fasting May Benefit Patients with Epilepsy

November 02, 2012
Seizure Surgery

November 02, 2012
Inside the Brainstem

November 02, 2012
Managing Epilepsy

October 19, 2012
Advancing the Art of Craniosynostosis Repair

October 19, 2012
Keeping Tics Under the Radar

April 23, 2012
Nano-Devices that Cross Blood-Brain Barrier Open Door to Treatment of Cerebral Palsy, Other Neurologic Disorders

October 26, 2011
Big Gains for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

May 11, 2011
For TM Patients, Rewiring the Body’s Electrical System

January 19, 2011
The Adolescent with Weakness and Numbness

November 19, 2010
Protein Found to Predict Brain Injury in Children on ECMO Life Support

November 18, 2010
High-Fat Ketogenic Diet Misunderstood, Underused

November 03, 2010
The Repercussions of Concussions

October 20, 2010
An Immune Connection for Autism

September 27, 2010
Doctors Urged to Minimize CT Scans in Children

August 18, 2010
For the Child with Both Anxiety and Headache

July 26, 2010
High-Fat Diets Effectively Treat Absence Epilepsy

June 14, 2010
Brain MRI in Children: 'Incidental' Findings Yield Disclosure Dilemmas for Doctors, Patients

June 09, 2010
Children Have Strokes, Too

May 19, 2010
Differentiating ADEM from MS

May 17, 2010
High-Fat Ketogenic Diet Effectively Treats Persistent Childhood Seizures

April 21, 2010
Evaluating the First Seizure

March 29, 2010
Nerve Repair Surgery for Transverse Myelitis?

February 16, 2010
High-Fat Ketogenic Diet to Control Seizures Is Safe Over Long Term

November 18, 2009
What's New in Stroke

October 07, 2009
Hispanic Children Rarely Get Top-Notch Care For Brain Tumors

July 20, 2009
Daily Potassium Citrate Wards Off Kidney Stones in Seizure Patients On High-Fat Diet

June 01, 2009
Hopkins Children's Neurosurgeons Warn Not to Take Head Injuries in Sports Lightly

April 16, 2009
Evidence Grows That Maternal Immune Response During Pregnancy A Key Factor In Some Autism

October 10, 2008
Ketogenic Diet Magic

Ketogenic Diet Treats Infantile Spasms

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