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Pulmonary Medicine

Pulmonary Medicine News

December 30, 2015
CF Team Honored for Care, Research

February 23, 2015
Hair Sample Tests Reveal Underreported Exposure to Tobacco Smoke Among Preemies with Lung Disease

January 20, 2015
Time to Rethink the Inner-City Asthma Epidemic?

December 17, 2014
Transitioning to Adult CF Care

November 11, 2014
When Obesity Meets Obstructive Sleep Apnea

August 01, 2014
Help Kids Not Lose Sleep Over Digital Devices

June 14, 2013
It’s Pediatric Radiology by a Nose

December 13, 2012
A Nano Approach to CF Drug Delivery

December 13, 2012
The Latest on Aerosols for CF Patients

November 02, 2012
Disease-Modifying Drugs for CF

July 06, 2011
Taking Specialty Care to the Community

July 06, 2011
Treating Pulmonary Hypertension Earlier

June 02, 2011
Many Black Kids with Asthma Don't See a Specialist in Time

May 05, 2011
Short Antibiotic Courses Safer for Breathing-Tube Infections in Children

May 03, 2011
Simple Exercise Improves Lung Function in Children with CF

March 16, 2011
Battling Barriers to Adolescents’ Adherence

March 16, 2011
Taking Spirometry to the Home

February 16, 2011
When Epigenetics Meets Pediatrics

December 29, 2010
Protein Involved in Cystic Fibrosis Also Plays Role in Emphysema, Chronic Lung Disease

September 27, 2010
Daycare Puts Childrens with Lung Disease at Risk for Serious Illness

September 08, 2010
Digital Sleep Deprivation?

July 07, 2010
Aerodigestive Clinic Can Help When Reflux Is More than Reflux

June 21, 2010
Sweet Support for Research on Interstitial Lung Disease in Children

January 15, 2010
CF and Lung Transplantation

January 15, 2010
Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes

January 15, 2010
Mutation Specific Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis

January 01, 2009
Targeting CFTR

October 02, 2008
Correcting Vitamin D Deficiency

July 07, 2008
Note to Pediatricians: Taper Meds in Kids with Stable Asthma

May 08, 2008
Blogging from the Sahara for Hopkins

April 10, 2008
Sahara Marathon For Hopkins Children's

October 26, 2007
Running the Great Wall of China for Pediatric Pulmonology

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