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Resident Life

Individualized Career Planning

  • Each resident is assigned to a faculty advisor who meets with them at least every 6 months.  More frequent meetings are at the discretion of the resident and welcomed by the advisor.   Each year the resident and advisor collaboratively design an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that is specific to the resident’s learning goals and takes into account elements of constructive feedback the resident has received or resident self-reflection.   These goals along with metrics of measurement are developed and reviewed biannually.
  • According to the ACGME’s program requirements, each resident must participate in at least 7 subspecialty rotations.  Because 6 of the 7 required subspecialty rotations are a part of our core curriculum (cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, pulmonology, hematology, and oncology), the 18 weeks of elective time is available to devote to specific career goals or to expand knowledge base in areas of interest.  Electives are available in all pediatric subspecialty areas.

Additional electives include:

Tropical medicine/ International electives (Peru, Guyana, Haiti, Kenya)
Indian Health Service-Tuba City
Procedure elective
Anesthesia elective
Transport elective
Child life
Community pediatric practices
Sports medicine
Palliative care
Child abuse
AAP policy legislation in Washington DC
Baltimore City Department of Health

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