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Texas Girl Undergoes Successful Brain Surgery

June 20, 2008
Updated Detail Jessie

Jessie at Kennedy Krieger Institute with her parents

Jessie Hall is a 6-year-old girl from Aledo, Texas, who underwent surgery at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center to remove the right half of her brain and stop her seizures.

She has Rasmussen's encephalitis - a progressive inflammatory disease that was destroying the right side of her brain - and is a patient of Eileen Vining, M.D., director of the pediatric epilepsy center. Her surgery was successfully performed June 11, 2008 by world-renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson, M.D.

Jessie had her first seizure while eating a sandwich aboard a boat on Lake Texana in her home state of Texas. She had her second in kindergarten that September of 2007. Her seizures began to increase in severity and number. Her parents brought her to Hopkins Children's and into the care of its pediatric epilepsy program.  

While waiting for her surgery to begin a member of the surgical team asked  Jessie if he could write his initials on the right side of her head. This to ensure that the correct side is removed. She replied "OK ! Can I write on your head?" He was a good sport and said OK. She wrote on his forehead in large letters "Texas Tech," her mom and dad's alma mater.

Jessie is now recovering and doing well. For a condition update contact Kim Hoppe, Associate Director of Communications and Public Affairs, at 410-516-4934.

See a slideshow of Jessie's time at Hopkins Children's.

Parents Cris and Kristi Hall have started the Jessie Hall Scholarship Fund to provide college scholarships for other children who have had hemispherectomies. The Halls are establishing the Hemispherectomy Foundation to provide more information about the procedure and to provide support to other families undergoing what they have experienced.

For more information, contact: criskris@aledobb.com.

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