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Baker-King Award in Pediatric ED at Hopkins Children's

September 10, 2008

ED Technician Paul Cross

In Hopkins Children’s pediatric emergency department, clinical technician Paul Cross is known as the expert instructor for new nurses in the art of drawing blood or placing an IV. A veteran of active ED duty, he is among the first to arrive at the bedside of a critically ill child.

“His assessment skills are stellar and everyone listens when he says there is a problem. At triage he is able to prioritize, recognize a sick child, and ensure the child’s needs are met quickly,” says ED nurse Cheryl Smith.

Cross’s skills, clinical intuition and devotion to patients, families and colleagues alike have earned him a 2008 Baker-King Award, a Johns Hopkins University employee award for which Smith and his colleagues nominated him earlier this year. 

“Paul exemplifies what this award represents. He gives our department, his co-workers, and most importantly our patients and families 110% of his effort everyday,” Smith and others wrote the award committee. “When he tells you he is worried about a child, you should worry too.”

The Baker-King Award was created in 1962 by Dr. and Mrs. Theodore King to recognize employees for significant contributions to the Johns Hopkins community and mission.