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News Media Services

Our Media Relations team serves as the official liaison for Hopkins Children’s with the news media by writing and distributing news releases and by facilitating journalists’ interview requests.

News releases about published research, an upcoming event or a grant announcement are sent to the media to give editors and reporters a basic understanding of a story. They will contact our office to receive more information, such as copies of the study, and schedule interviews. Here’s how the news release process works:

  1. When a study is accepted for publication, or when plans are finalized for an event, please let the Media Relations team know. For published studies, send us a manuscript or galley proof and the journal’s contact information.
  2. We will meet with the study authors to discuss its details and draft the news release.
  3. We distribute the release to newspapers, magazines, online publications, television networks, and post it on the Hopkins Children’s site.
  4. For a few days before and after the news release’s distribution, the study authors need to be available for media interviews. A few notes:
    • We can help authors prepare for interviews with reporters.
    • We are responsible for escorting all television crews, reporters and photographers while they are on campus.
    • We ask that, during interviews, faculty specifically mention their affiliation with the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.
  5. If faculty or staff are contacted directly by a reporter, please let us know.

Media Training

We can assist Hopkins Children’s faculty with media training and crisis communications in one-on-one sessions. Advanced seminars with professional trainers can be arranged for a fee.

For more information, contact:

Ekaterina Pesheva, MA

Senior Science Communications and Media Relations Specialist
Phone: 410-502-9433