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Print Services

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs works with all divisions at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center to create compelling publications, including magazines, newsletters, brochures, posters, invitations, programs and booklets. 

Print Services Brochure Examples

Planning a Publication

Publications require collaboration, time and planning. Begin by asking some basic questions. The answers will help you define your project and your audience.



  • What is the primary purpose of this publication?
  • Do I have any other goals?
  • How do I want people to respond?


  • Who is this publication for? Donors, faculty and staff, patients and families, referring physicians?
  • What do they need to know?
  • How will this publication fit in with existing communications from the Children’s Center?


  • How should I convey this information?
  • What basic information do we need to provide?
  • What other messages do we want to convey?
  • What images would work best for this publication?


  • Is print the best format for this publication?
  • Would something like an e-letter or online publication work better?
  • What printed format is most effective – a brochure, flier or newsletter?
  • Should it be B&W or 4-color?
  • Should it include any pockets or inserts?
  • How many copies will I need?


  • How much do I want to spend?
  • What do we expect to gain from our investment?
  • Are we willing to pay for professional photography and artwork?

Who Is Involved?

  • Who will serve as the division’s contact person with our Office of Communications & Public Affairs?
  • Who has the final approval on this publication before it goes to press?

Step 1: Initiating the Publication
After you’ve answered all the questions contact us (glogan@jhmi.edu) and we will meet with you to discuss your objectives, content, design and format of the publication. At the meeting, we’ll give you an overview of how we work and provide sample publications that might meet your goals. If you have a copy of another publication that you think would work, please bring it. Also bring along any artwork or photography you would like to use.
Within two weeks of that meeting we’ll submit a proposal including estimated design, production and printing costs, and a production schedule. For most projects we do not charge for editing or writing, but we do charge a fee for managing the project. Before we begin work, you must approve the budget and schedule we produce. Please note that we cannot start any project without a budget number.

Step 2: Creating Copy
Work cannot begin until have we have received the final copy for your publication in Word. If your copy is late, the job may be delayed. Once we have received the copy, we’ll edit it and send the edited copy back to you for your approval.
Please note that approving the copy for your print job is a critical step in the production process, and that all interested parties see the copy at this point. Once your copy is signed off as final, it will go into production for design, layout and printing. After the copy is approved, NO FURTHER CONTENT CHANGES SHOULD BE MADE. Further changes made after the copy is final may result in delaying the delivery date and incurring additional production costs.

Step 3: Design, Production and Printing

Design and production may take three-to-six weeks or more depending on the number of existing projects on our production list. After we have received your final copy, our design team will create a design incorporating the copy, artwork and photography. Once the design is complete, we will bring you a print-out and/or send you a PDF file to review. Once you’ve signed off on the printout or PDF file, we’ll send the job to the printer. Printing typically takes about 10 working days. 

Step 4: How Did We Do?
After your job is finished, you will receive an online survey via email. Your feedback will help us improve our services.


For more information, contact:

Gary Logan
Associate Director
Phone: 410-502-9431

Wendy Mullins
Publications Editor, Senior Writer
Phone: 410-502-9432

Office of Communications & Public Affairs
901 S. Bond Street/Suite 550
Baltimore, MD 21231