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Your Visit

Welcome to Hopkins Children  

We understand how challenging and difficult a hospital stay can be for both the patient and the family. We hope the information here will help answer any concerns or questions you may have before and during your stay here at Hopkins Children’s. We also have a website just for children that will help you get to know us a bit better.

For patients

  • You are important and we want to get to know you. We also promise not to talk about you in your room or outside your door unless you know what is happening.
  • We provide a place for a member of your family to spend the night or be near you.
  • We provide you with time for activities to express yourself, and for play and rest.
  • We speak to you in ways you understand, and someone in your family can be with you when people in the hospital are explaining things.
  • You have the right to know all of the people taking care of you. You and your family can meet with them to plan what is best for you.

For families

  • Our philosophy is that the family and our professional healthcare staff are partners, working together in the best interest of your child.
  • We encourage you to be as involved as possible in your child’s care.
  • You know your child best, so please share your insights with us.
  • If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please speak with your child’s healthcare team.


The Staff of Hopkins Children’s