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Hematology & Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) Social Work

The pediatric hematology & HTC social worker is a certified mental health provider available to assist with the psychological, social, and practical needs of patients and families coping with an acute or chronic hematological condition blood disorder.
Johns Hopkins is home to the only Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) in Maryland.  Here, adult & pediatric patients with Hemophilia and/or other bleeding disorders are provided comprehensive treatment and management of their bleeding disorders by our adult & pediatric Hematologists, physical therapist, HTC coordinator/nurse practitioner, and social worker.

Social work services include:

  • In/out patient needs assessments, and supportive counseling
  • Pain management techniques
  • Emotional coping skills coaching
  • Consultation with medical team in development of viable treatment options to fit patient values and means
  • Provide information, education, coordination of care, and advocacy with schools, employers, and/or daycare providers
  • Support groups, for more information programs call 410-614-0833

Social Work Staff

Kimberly Winship, MSW, LCSW-C
Degree/Education:  MSW, University of Maryland
Clinical Interest: Sickle Cell, Hemophilia 
Contact: 410 614-0833

Other Services: 

  • Young Adult SCD Support Group for ages 18-22 years
  • SCD Parent E-Mail Network
  • Hemophilia Mom’s Night Out
  • Adolescent Sickle Cell Support Group for ages 13-18 years
  • Blood Brotherhood
  • Hemophilia First Step Program
  • Parent-2-Parent Mentoring Program