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For more than a century, the Johns Hopkins Children's Center has been developing research-based, cutting-edge medicine for the world’s children.

Like 19th-century philanthropist Johns Hopkins — who believed the quest for knowledge and scientific discoveryDover, George held the promise of a better future for mankind — our founding benefactors, Harriet Lane and Henry Johnston, believed affiliating a pediatric hospital with an academic institution like Hopkins would speed the development and delivery of medicine to treat, prevent, and cure childhood illness.

Our leadership in pediatric medicine is unmatched. This leadership extends beyond the exemplary care we provide our young patients or the training of future pediatricians, who decide to come here because of what Hopkins Children’s offers. We also lead the field in pediatric research, making discoveries that constantly advance pediatric medicine.

Back in 1944, the first “blue baby” operation to correct a congenital heart problem was performed here. It was here that Leo Kanner conducted his groundbreaking research with autistic children; John Howland pioneered discoveries, such as fluid replacement for diarrhea; and, Edwards Park defined Vitamin D’s role in bone loss.  Innovation in the treatment of sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and the genetic screening of newborns were also all made possible because of Harriet Lane and Henry Johnston’s original gift of $400,000.

Because of our generous supporters, we shall continue making history in our new home, the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center, which opened May 1, 2012. Without them, we could not go from where we are to where we want to be. Together, we turn today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s cures.

George Dover, M.D.
Given Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center