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Faculty and Staff


Ardavan Akhavan, M.D.
Heather Noelle Di Carlo, M.D.
Jennifer Lockwood Dodson M.D., Ph.D.
John P. Gearhart, M.D.
Ming-Hsien Wang, M.D.

urology team 



Jessica Hankinson, Ph.D.
Pediatric Psychologist in Pediatric Medical Psychology

Phone: 410-955-1855
Email: jcurley6@jhmi.edu

Dr. Hankinson serves as the primary behavioral consultant to the Division of Pediatric Urology. Dr. Hankinson is part of a multi-disciplinary team that evaluates and treats children with urological conditions.


Karen Spriggs, R.N.
Pediatric Urology Nurse Clinician

Email : ksprigg1@jhmi.edu

Karen has been a registered nurse since 1990. She has specialized in pediatrics her entire career. Since 2000 she has specialized in pediatric urology including surgical care for children. Karen is an expert in the treatment of kids who have bladder problems. She compassionately and enthusiastically works closely with families whose children receive inpatient and outpatient treatments in the division of pediatric urology.


Sally Sawyer

Phone: 410-955-9129
Email: ssawyera@jhmi.edu
Fax: 410-955-7909

Once you and your child urologist agreed that surgery is necessary you will meet Sally who will schedule surgery for your child.