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General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine News

Johns Hopkins Pediatrician Receives Research Award for Work on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

White Jacket On or Off?

The Latest on Medical Apps

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Reflections on a Half-Century of Pediatric Practice

Call Center Centralizes Scheduling

When the Patient is Medical Education

Medicine and the Art of Storytelling

Using Pre-Visit Screening Tools

When the Patient is a Refugee

When to Overrule Parents

Does Going Back to School Mean Going Back to Bullying?

Arlene Butz Nabs Prestigious Research Achievement Award

Help Patients Become Health Literate

Pediatrician Hoover Adger Honored for Teaching Excellence

Study Suggests Federal Guidelines for Treating Teen PID Need Clarification

Coping with the Emotional Effects of Exposure to Violence and Trauma

Teaching Obesity Management

Johns Hopkins Pediatric Researcher Elected to Institute of Medicine

The Future Role of Technology

Back to the Future

Rite Aid Celebrates a Birthday at Hopkins Clinic

Bowling Away Chronic Fatigue

All Children's Hospital Announces New Pediatric Residency Program

The Day an Era Ended at Johns Hopkins

Who Took the Bath Salts?

Teens Need Vaccines Too

Managing Media Violence in Your Patients

Pulse Ox Screening for Congenital Heart Disease

Should Pediatricians Immunize Parents?

Listening for Heart Disease

Opioids Use Among Teens Increasing

Do Family Meals Influence Children’s Health?

Creating Care for Las Familias

When Adolescents Get Inked

TV, Toddlers and Developmental Outcomes

Oppositional Behavior in the ADHD Patient

The Latest Dope on Sports Supplements

Articles that will Change Your Practice

Did Water Play a Role in this Watery Diarrhea?

Complex Case Shows Ways to Diagnosis

How to Share Bad News

Building a Medical Home

A New Edition of the Harriet Lane Handbook

How Do You Say “Your Child Has Died”?

Do Your Patients Have a Medical Home?

ADHD and Depression

News and Features News and Features

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