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What is Headache?

Most people, even children, have had experience with headaches, which can vary greatly in their degree of intensity.

The majority of headaches in children are the result of a viral infection, like cold or flu. Stress can also be a factor. Of the children who suffer from chronic headaches, about 5% are diagnosed with migraines.  Brain tumors are very rarely responsible for headaches in children.


Just as adult symptom descriptions may vary, so too will those in children.  Some headaches are felt as intense pressure or even pounding.  Migraines are often combined with nausea.


Although there is no certain way to prevent a headache, it is helpful to learn the possible triggers. 


Parents should keep track of their child’s headaches and any possible patterns to their occurrences.  If a child experiences frequent, or chronic, headaches, (several times a week), parents should consult their pediatrician.

How to Treat Headache

Learning a child’s triggers can help a parent make lifestyle changes. Doctors may also recommend some relaxation techniques or medication for the child.

At Hopkins Children’s, the Division of Neurology treats Headache.

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